About Us

Knowledge increases as it is shared, becomes permanent as it increases ...

Uğur is closely interested in making the right move at the right time, and tries to present his experience and knowledge through various activities and trainings with his inherent sharing instinct. In the internet and digital sector, where he started to do his best with his entrepreneurial spirit, defined as a culture now, he supports the Biltek Tasarım brand currently, especially in the marketing. To determine a project qualified according to him, it is the main point to enter the kitchen and personally contribute to all the processes that lead to the result. At the end of this process, if the customers say "Yes, we can do this very well.", Uğur achieves the result. 


Having entered the sector fast and early with IT support and advertising activities, Uğur has turned to digital products such as websites of the digital age, powered by the internet. He provides customer satisfaction-oriented services in subjects such as digital marketing and search engine optimization. In the information age of today and the future, he makes an effort to be a producer country, not a user following the trends.